Scientific Rationale

Just before the IAU General Assembly 2018 in Vienna, a summer school on the topic of “Basics of Astrobiology” will be organized at the Observatory of the University of Vienna (Friday/Saturday 17-18 August 2018).
The school is associated with the IAU Symposium 345 “ORIGINS: From the Protosun to the First Steps of Life” (scheduled for 20-23 August). The training school will cover the basics of astrobiology, from the formation of stars and planetary systems to the early conditions of life on planets, including atmospheres and planetary interiors, and the formation and early evolution of life itself.


  • Star formation and evolution
  • Protoplanetary disks
  • Stellar activity and magnetic field evolution
  • Planet formation and evolution
  • Habitability and habitable zones
  • The early solar system
  • Planetary atmospheres
  • Planetary interiors
  • Prebiotic chemistry on Earth and in the Solar System
  • Formation and early evolution of life
  • Life in extreme conditions
  • Exoplanets: detection and characterization
  • Space missions (solar system and exoplanetary missions)


This workshop is co-supported by Europlanet 2020 RI NA1 – Innovation through Science Networking. Europlanet 2020 RI has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654208.